Political Theater

In Uncategorized on March 8, 2011 at 3:35 PM

Choreographed moves, bright lights and a stage, intensive rhetoric, and a triumphant victory. These are the expectations floating throughout your mind when going to a Broadway play in New York. But, in fact you watch this during political campaigning. Every candidate just wants to appeal to your desires. I doubt they ever consider their constituent’s needs as most important (well it seems that way for democrats atleast, lol); oh of course they tell us they are fighting for us, but lets consider the amount of change that ever occurs.  The candidates are merely performing an act, a very expensive act. I feel obligated to just bombard my reader with facts that put politicians in the spotlight but we have Wikileaks for that. In history its obvious that the most popular candidate wins the presidency, but the most popular is usually the richest. Yes, the media is part to blame and there are laws that hold restrictions on how much a company can donate to a candidates campaign, but not how much a candidate can put into his own campaign. So the richest becomes the most popular just because he is able to afford better quality and a larger quantity of advertisement.

On September 26, 1960 when Nixon debated against  Kennedy it was the first time a presidential debate was televised. 70 million viewers tuned in. An interesting fact about this is that since tuning into the presidential debate over the radio was still popular, listeners on the radio said Nixon won the debate and the viewers that where able to hear and see the debate claimed that Kennedy won. This is because the viewers were getting a picture of a young and charismatic face when observing Kennedy on TV and the charmers are usually the most popular. This only proves the vulnerabilities of technology when trying to decipher genuine from fake. It upsets me that candidates waltz on stage and recite the rehearsed lines that have been in the minds of the people forever. He tells you want you want to hear and tells his opponent what you want him to hear. But, He is our voice, we made him, he needs us – up until he becomes president, for the most part.


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